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Do numbers look like jibberish to you? Do you say to yourself...

"I have no idea what this means!"You're not alone. 40% of adults gave themselves a C, D or F on their knowledge of personal finance (Huffington Post, 2016).

"I don't know if I'm making money?" — Unless you're a charity, you'll want to know if your business and/or your investments are making a profit. After all, you work extremely hard and so you want to know whether your hard work is paying off.

"What is an invoice or what is tax?" — Surprisingly, many people don't understand basic finance terms and only 24 percent of millennials have “basic financial knowledge” (NY Times, 2016). Not knowing the basics, leaves you in a very vulnerable position.

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Learn to manage your money! In a way that's...

Easy to understand — Everything is translated down from accountant-speak into to plain English language. With fun examples of course!

Convenient — You learn in your own time and online with videos, text, practice questions and solutions. All you need is a computer or tablet with internet.

From a trusted source — Courses are developed by qualified accountants. This means you're learning from those who've passed (really hard) exams and whose life work is about money management.

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How Do the Online Courses Work? What happens after I purchase?

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Step 1: Check your email

You'll be sent a welcome email that provides information about how to access your course.
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Step 2: Access your first checkpoint

Go through the video class, complete questions and watch the suggested solutions. Got questions? Head over to the forum to post your question.
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Step 3: Continue to the end

Repeat what you've been doing for the first checkpoint until you finish all checkpoints.
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Available Courses

Beginner-friendly courses to help you learn how to manage your personal and business money. All explained to you in plain English by qualified accountants.

Xero DIY Bookkeeping for Small Business (Australia only)

Perfect for beginners and small business owners, you’ll learn step-by-step how to handle your daily business bookkeeping in this all-in-one course covering invoices, purchases, paying employees, business activity statements and more. The course provides over 24 hours of video instruction by a qualified chartered accountant. Finally, gain the confidence you need to manage bookkeeping in Xero like a pro!

Unlike other courses that use hard to understand words, this course breaks it down in easy-to-understand and relatable concepts. For example, what’s a chart of accounts? Well, we use a wardrobe and its compartments to illustrate this concept.

Through online pre-recorded videos that speak to you in plain English, you’ll be able progress through each learning area and then apply your learning through activities based on a case study. Furthermore, there are video suggested solutions so you can see bookkeeping in action!

We’re also here to make sure you succeed and get the support you deserve so that you can be on your way confidently managing the books in your business. The course provides you with support through a convenient online forum where you will be able to ask questions and get help.

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What happens if I need help? — Just scroll down and send your question through to us.

Can I download the videos? — No, unfortunately, videos cannot be downloaded and can be viewed through the website.

How long does a course take? — It depends on the course. The course description will let you know how many videos hours there are.

How long does course access last for? — Each course provides lifetime access.

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