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Excel Template to Prepare CSV for Accounting Software Import - SageOne

Here’s an excel template file that you can fill in if you have bank transactions that need importing into SageOne.


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Free GST Calculation Worksheet Spreadsheet with Notes and Explanation

Here's a free GST calculation worksheet spreadsheet with notes and explanation. For further information, refer to the ATO website.
It has the G1 - G20 GST codes that may assist you when preparing your BAS along with calculations that are built in.

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Free Excel Invoice Template

I'm going to post up shortly a free excel invoice template that you can download and use for yourself.
This excel invoice template will allow you to save a pdf version of the invoice.

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About the Spreadsheets for Business Accounting Efficiency category

This is where spreadsheet files (xlsx, csv etc..) or links to them can be uploaded and downloaded by community members.

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